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Father's Day Treats and Gift Ideas for 2016

Dominic Garnett May 16 2016

Father's Day Treats and Gift Ideas for 2016

He has always been there for you, through thick and thin. Every year he tells you not to make a fuss and 2016 will be no different. But what do dads really want for Fathers' Day? From a bottle of something he loves, to a surprise minibreak in the countryside, why not give him something brilliant and unexpected this year? Here are some of our favourite gift ideas, surprises and ways to treat dad for...

Christmas Cooking Tips from the Kitchen

The Park House Team December 02 2014

We’ve all been seen it before, in some cases since the age of about five: that standard Christmas dinner with the relatives. Slightly dry turkey? Check. Disarmingly soggy sprouts? Check. Throw in some burnt Christmas pudding, a glass of port and a few repeats and it’s a wrap. Thank goodness.The real pity with Christmas dinner is that it could so often be so much more. The meat can be succulent...

Great Ways to De-Stress this Christmas

The Park House Team November 17 2014

Of all the great things to look forward to at Christmas time, health and relaxation are probably the two that most often slip off the bottom of the list. Granted, it’s wonderful catching up with friends and loved ones. It’s also enjoyable to allow yourself a helping or two extra of what you fancy. However (and don’t say it too loud) the realities of the holiday season can be fairly stressful...