Men’s Spa Treatments in Sussex

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With some superb men’s spa treatments on our current menu, why let the ladies have all the indulgence? Slowly but surely, holistic health treatments for men are being embraced, and why indeed not? You won’t often hear males lament the state of our nails or our complexions, but men get tired skin, scuffed heels and aching bodies too.

Don’t say it too loud, but men love a little pampering too. Who doesn’t enjoy a massage or some well-earned TLC? At Park House, the chaps are not only welcome, but receive their own menu of treatments. Ideal for de-stressing or relaxing after an active day, these body therapies are the perfect way to enjoy a spa experience with a difference. Here are some great ways to feel like a new man on your next visit:

Men’s Facial: Yes, a men’s facial. Because we’re betting you work hard, but the only treatment your face usually gets is a bit of soap and water, with a dab of moisturizer if it’s lucky. Time for a deep clean.

What you think it will be like: After a quick face wash you will close your eyes as your features are slathered with strange, flowery smelling creams.

What it actually consists of:

If the idea of facial treatments for men left you slightly nervous, fear not. This brilliantly invigorating facial begins with a little science, as you get a brief skin analysis. Using hot mits, we then gently open up the pores. Besides doing your face a world of good, you’ll also enjoy a relaxing massage of the scalp and shoulders.

This particular treatment is not recommended for those with facial hair, but we can easily adapt this to suit bearded gentleman. Our Organic Seaweed Marine Eye treatment is a great alternative, for example, for refreshing and rejuvenating tired eyes.

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Men’s Manicure: Did you think that your partner and others never notice your worn, scuffed hands and nails? It’s time to show those hard-worn paws of yours some respect.

What you think it will be like: You will sit there sheepishly while your nails are finely chiseled and gossip is exchanged. If you’re lucky, you might escape before they try to paint your nails.

What it actually consists of: Your treatment starts with a thorough hand massage, before a heated paraffin mask is applied. We will then treat your finger nails and render your hands as healthy as they have looked in years. Last but not least, we will apply red nail varnish (only kidding).

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Voyager Total Men’s Massage Journey:

Did you ever get that feeling of being only about half there? Tired limbs, a spot of backache or simply general flatness? A massage is not the whole answer, but has some huge benefits.

What you think it will be like: Massage is more socially accepted than things like facials and manicures, but men are still a slow second to women when booking treatments that can do them a world of good. You might well associate massages with sports injuries or back problems, as opposed to a much more holistic process.

What it actually consists of:

Put in simple terms, our Total Massage Journey is a superb dedicated massage treatment for men. Our skilled practitioners will treat you from top to toe, soothing everything from your scalp to your feet. Brushing helps exfoliation, while top quality organic seaweed oil aids the cleansing process. Feel like a new man, literally from the feet up.

Brilliant spa deals for men: Treat the man in your life!

For all three of the above treatments, we are offering a superb spa offer (for the modern gentleman), at just £148.00 for residents (see our spa deals page). The ultimate pick-me-up (for any man), we guarantee you will look and feel great.

We are also well aware that a lot of chaps might be reluctant to splash out on a spa day. In which case, why not surprise your boyfriend or husband with a specially arranged day? Spa sessions make excellent birthday gifts for boyfriends, husbands or dads. Plus, if it is for your partner, you could always make the most of a visit by booking your own spa session too. For more details see our menu of spa treatments- or take a look at our Gift Vouchers for an ideal way to treat the man in your life.

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