Spa Surprises and Winter Warmer Deals for 2015

Don’t you just love the back end of winter? For most of us the honest answer is no. Mornings are still dark and the days are short and cold. If ever there was a time you could use a little pampering, not to mention some soothing added warmth, it is now. So what would our spa experts recommend?

Hot treatments are an especially relaxing way to come in from the cold and feel like yourself again. From a warming massage to relaxing and unusual heat intensive treatments, the experts at our own PH?0 Spa have some excellent ways to banish your winter blues. Here are some comforting favourites, from classic to contemporary:

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Hot Chocolate for body and soul: Granted, you will already be aware of the restorative powers of mineral rich seaweed or mud, but what about melted chocolate? Are we serious? Definitely, because cocoa has qualities all of its own for body care and eating it is by no means the only way to feel contented. Our Park House Chocolate Sensation treatment (55 mins/ £60) feels as sweet as it sounds: nourishing cocoa butter is applied to the body, while ground cocoa and melted chocolate help to exfoliate and enrich the skin. Highly effective and healthier than eating a block of Bourneville we think!

Worth Shelling out for: Another novel treatment that really hits the spot is our Hot Lava shells Massage (55 mins/ £60). Using Pacific Tiger Clam Shells filled with hot Lava Gel, this full body massage will comfort you to the very core. In the hands of a skilled practitioner these feel wonderful to the touch, as an increasing number of our guests will testify.

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Face up to Winter: Weeks and months of dingy light and low temperatures can take the shine away from the rosiest complexion, with the best of us starting to look tired and jaded. Why not get back to your best with a treatment such as the Kerstin Florian Refresher Facial (25mins/£40). Not only is this superb for bringing dull, tired skin back to life, but also includes a skin analysis and short face and shoulder massage. It is just one of several top quality facials we offer.

Classic Sauna Session: We have our Scandinavian cousins to thank for this classic form of winter therapy. Like having a bath in steam, it is supremely relaxing and has big health benefits. Ask the Finns or Swedes and they will tell you it cures everything from a bad mood to a broken heart; but science alone proves that sauna time is excellent for circulation and healthy skin. Why not follow your spa treatment some quality sauna time? A swim or shower first will really help to open up your pores and give you the full benefit. Better still, the sauna is available at no extra charge with any of our spa deals and spa day packages

Winter Warmer Spa Mornings: Give yourself or a loved one a warming treat for less: Do you know someone who could use some relaxing, comforting TLC? Our extensive list of expert treatments is guaranteed to hit the spot, while our Spa Days and exclusive spa deals ( offer unbeatable value, with our Winter Warmer Spa Mornings available at just £48, including a head massage and full use of spa facilities. Why not see out the remainder of winter with a warm glow?

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