Spa Treatments for a Spring Revival!

Did you ever grow tired of the British winter? Let’s face it, dour weather is not great for the skin or the soul. Thankfully, our spa therapists have the perfect pick-me up, with a selection of specially chosen spa treatments to bring your sparkle back and freshen up for spring.

Whether you fancy a peaceful hour’s stop off or a relaxing mini break, we have a wonderful selection of treatments. Where exactly requires the most TLC is your own call, but here are some key treatments to beat the winter blues:

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1. Skin & Complexion: There are several very good reasons skin doesn’t like the winter. The cold can dry your complexion, while shorter and greyer days limit the amount of health-giving sunlight you need.

The better news is that our spa therapists have a range of ways to bring you back to your best. A quick refresher facial or peel represents a simple way to invigorate your face. However, our team also offer a longer term, more intensive solution for tired skin should you need it. Advanced Repair and Sensitive Skin facials are not so much a one off piece of pampering, but a totally focused solution unique to you.

2. Feet: So often overlooked, but when was the last time you gave your feet a treat? Winter is especially hard on soles and heels but equally, they spend so long inside shoes, boots and socks, your feet are often crying out to be set free and not forgotten for a change.

You don’t have to wait until deck chair weather arrives to give your feet a holiday, however. If your aching feet could pick one treatment, it would surely be the Park House Luxury Pedicure. With a lovely warm foot bath, full pedicure and heat assisted nourishing and conditioning treatments, your forgotten friends will thank you!

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3. Back: Another casualty of modern living, the vast majority of us would benefit from regular massage or treatment. Winter is a tough time on several levels, as we spend more time indoors or seated, while backs become stiffer in the cold and more liable to complain.

While not all of the answer, our spa therapists can apply their expertise to ease any niggles you have and offer the best advice for your back. Perhaps a Swedish Massage would leave you feeling less stiff and jaded? Alternately, we have some excellent treatments to really hone in on any lingering muscular pains or tensions. A Deep Tissue Massage is excellent for the task, or if you’ve been feeling the chill perhaps our Hot Shells massage is the one for you? 

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4. Feeling is Believing: For a range of restorative, superbly relaxing spa treatments, why not reap the benefits of a session with our friendly spa therapists? Whether it’s a quick afternoon break or a special spa weekend, you’re sure to feel the difference. Our spa pages have a full menu of treatments and full details, while it is also worth keeping an eye on some of our great deals and spa packages also ideal for a Mother’s Day treat:

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